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Please come to The Schell Cafe’s new location at

If you are a subscriber and receive updates from The Schell Cafe via feeder or email, this will be the last! Unfortunately, when you move blogs around in cyberspace, subscriptions do not transfer. But don’t worry, you can easily re-subscribe at the new location.

I hope you’ll continue to be a special patron at The Schell Cafe!

Come see!

xo, Kristin


Blogging Anniversary!

As luck would have it…

With those first words, four years ago today, The Schell Cafe was born.  I remember the night well and the first menu I blogged.

Sea Bass Sauteed with Leeks & Red Pepper


Mixed Vegetable Tian

At the time, I had only seen two blogs.  I followed one written by a family who successfully adopted two daughters from Russia.  I remember linking to their blog from an adoption forum and thinking everything about these webpage thingamajigs was just cool.  I followed the trail straight to Blogger.

My dear friend Lulu, who is way ahead of every trend, also penned pages at Blogger.  I figured why not give it a whirl?

So, with a first menu under my belt and wine in hand, I bumbled through setting up a Blogger account.  Husband dubbed me Saucymomma and the journey began with this very first post.

So much has changed since that night in 2005. Both at home and at the virtual cafe.  The most important change occurred in 2007 when Littlest was born.  It’s almost impossible to imagine life before her!  The older three Littles have all started school and Husband has renewed his passion for fishing.  We renovated the kitchen.  And less than six months later tore the entire house down and rebuilt it.

The virtual cafe has evolved over the last four years too.  I’ve changed the look of the cafe more than once, moved to wordpress, bought my own domain, and updated with widgets and tools as time and my limited technical abilities allowed.

Through it all, I’ve kept on cooking and writing.  And you, dear readers, through it all (and for some reason) have kept on reading!

So, it should really come as no surprise that, once again, I have some changes in the works!  I’m working with a web designer who is helping me renovate the cafe, so to speak.  There will be friendly features I hope you will enjoy and find useful as we continue to cook together.  In addition to the cooking features, the menu at the cafe will be expanded to include a more personal glimpse into the cafe, specifically my spiritual life.  Many of you have found my writings over at The Kitchen Mission.  Part of the new web design will be to merge these two sites.  Soon The Schell Cafe will be serving daily offerings of food and faith.

In the meantime, please know how grateful I am for each of you.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Kristin (aka saucymomma)

Happy Blogging Anniversary! (to me)

Three years ago, I began my musings here at The Schell Cafe.   It’s a little hard for me to believe actually.  Granted I’ve taken a hiatus or two during the last thirty-six months.  When I was pregnant with Littlest I didn’t have a taste for anything and avoided the kitchen like the plague.  Hardly conducive to writing a food blog.  And, then last year there was the post-miscarriage hurt that induced the need for a distraction which ultimately led to tearing our house down.  Note: I didn’t personally tear the house down!  I had a whole team of brawny-types to do that.  I just needed a project and thought rebuilding the house would be fun.  Maybe therapy would have been a more sane approach?!?!

My blogging anniversary and the New Year have me in a very introspective mood, especially about The Schell Cafe. I started this blog with no intentions other than to keep a cooking journal, of sorts for my family.

I never dreamed my virtual cafe would bring in so many customers.  My wordpress stat counters tell me how many daily visitors stop by The Schell Cafe and the numbers are staggering to me. I know there are many more well read blogs out there, but in my little neck-of-the-blogosphere, several hundred visitors a day is a lot to serve.  And you come from all over the world –  Greece, Haiti, Germany, even New York City! 😉

You, dear readers, are truly the silver lining.  Especially the regulars who gather ’round my tables.  I have met some of the nicest people at my own cafe!  And, I’m flattered that you come to me for questions about onions, your cast iron skillet, what to feed young picky eaters, vegetarian menu suggestions, appetizer ideas, and even paint color recommendations!  Daily, I find emails from near and far seeking my advice from the kitchen or simply requesting recipes.  I am truly humbled by this. And  I am  increasingly feeling the need to figure out how to truly be of service to you.

So, here’s your chance!  Tell me, dear readers, what would you like more of at The Schell Cafe? Healthy recipes? Busy family meal suggestions? Haute cuisine dishes? More challenging recipes? Simple, quick recipes? Sustainable and Green living ideas? Printable recipes? Shopping suggestions?  Video/Live cam demonstrations?

I really would love to know what brings you to the cafe and what will keep you comin’ back for more.  Feel free to leave your requests in the comments below or email me directly at kristinschell (at) mac (dot) com.

Thank you!



New Blog Address

Thanks for reading! You can find the Schell Cafe at a new site at

Come find me there!

A Long Hiatus

So I took a little break.  It’s been exactly 18 months since I last blogged and to tell you the truth I didn’t miss it much.  Until today.  The weather finally took a slight dip and I feel like cooking.  Hell, I feel like throwing dinner parties, and baking pecan pies, and testing every recipe I’ve collected over the past 15 years.   I even feel like organizing my grandmother’s recipe box.

Maybe I should focus on dinner and see where that leads me.

We’ve had a few changes at The Schell Cafe.  Most importantly, we welcomed our fourth baby last April.  She is the joy of our lives and her older brother and sisters are just as gaga over her as Husband & I are.

And, the Schell Cafe found a new home at  Husband gave me a new imac shortly after Baby was born and I’m fascinated by this amazing mac world.  It may take a while to work out the kinks, but I love everything imac.  I’m working on the design and I haven’t figured out how to import my archives from the old site, but I’m working on it.

Hang in there with me while I renovate the cafe.  In the meantime, you are always welcome ‘round my table.  I hope you’ll come back soon and often.