Friday Night Steak Night

We do a lot of chillin’ out on Friday nights at The Schell Cafe.  After a week of coming and going in a thousand different directions it’s so nice to reconnect as a family and just hang out.  For the Littles this means staying up late and skippin’ baths.  Friday nights for the grown-ups usually involves a bottle of red wine and tossing something on the grill.  Tonight we are having our favorite Cowboy Coffee Steak.

I’ve shared this steak rub with you before, but it’s so good I thought it would be selfish not to urge you to make it your Friday night ritual too.  And if you happen to be near an HEB rib-eyes are on sale!

Cowboy Coffee Steak Rub

1/2 cup ground coffee (I use a dark roast from Costa Rica)

1/2 cup coarse black pepper (I use slightly less)

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup salt

Mix all ingredients in a plastic bag and store in fridge.  When you are ready to rub the steak, pour out desired amount of coffee mixture and generously rub steak until the meat is completely coated.


Grill and enjoy.