Advice from the Cafe

Dear Cafe Patrons,

Thanks so much for hanging out at the cafe.  I hope you are trying some of my recipes at home and are inspired to create your own tasty meals too! I’m amazed at the questions I’ve been getting here at the cafe lately.  You all have such interesting questions.  Why on earth  you think I have the answers is another matter entirely.  But, since you ask.  I will answer.  Just remember when seeking advice at the cafe, you get what you pay for.  

If you have a question email me in the form below and I’ll do my best to answer.  I’ll begin posting Q&A’s here soon!

With love,



One Response

  1. Corn soup is yummy! Love your version and will try it soon as right now it’s really cold in VA-50 degrees this a.m. However, Sam did swim in the pool last evening-now at 80 degrees. The problem is getting out and the $$$ you see steaming up to the skies each morning. So glad your mom sends me your blog…Sally Witt

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