First things first…

First, I’m going to drink this.


Then I’m going to tell you all about this….


But I need coffee first.


Shrimp Salad

We’ve been home a week and still at the top of my to-do list is to read Mark Bittman’s 101 Salads. While I haven’t found time (yet) to devour each of his 100 + 1 suggestions, I have had time to make my own favorite summer salad. Twice.

A while back, Mia’s BFF gave me the most amazing gift: a binder full of her favorite recipes.  Truly there are no words to express my glee for this treasure of tried and true recipes. And at the top of the list of favorites (hers & mine): Mexican Shrimp Salad.


Don’t you just love the splatter stains? And the hand-written side note bestowing the honor of Favorite All Time Recipe? Even more dear to me is the date in which this recipe appeared in Bon Appetit Magazine.  Can you guess? I’m not going to tell you….leave me your best guess in the comments!  If you guess the date (just the year will do), I’ll send you a copy (of the copy) of the recipe Mia’s BFF gave me.  You know, just to share the love.

I was going to finish the post with photos of my own version of Mexican Shrimp Salad, but the Littles have descended upon me in rare and grumpy form this Monday morning.  So, I’ll leave you hanging on the edge of your seat with the guessing game.  I promise to post the actual recipe with priceless photos of how my salad started in the kitchen and ended at (not in) the lake this week!  Cliff hanger? I think not.  But, come back tomorrow just so you’ll have the full story….